© 2017-2019   Михаил Заварухин  

© 2017-2019   Mikhail Zavarukhin   


There are a bunch of ideas where to go  in the year of 2020, some places might be just DXCC entities and not really rare IOTA.

IOTA NA-249 Vieques Island,  KP4/AA7CH

January 31 - February 5, 2020. 

Rig:  K3 + Expert 1.3K-FA (1300 W)


Power: Full legal


Antennas: Vertical and/or Inverted V, the owner of the place has warned that the winds are quite strong on the hilltop, so likely no Spiderbeam.


Bands:  80 m through 10 m with the attempt to set  antenna for 160 m if the size of the rental property allows


Modes: CW (main mode), SSB.  FT8 is very unlikely


QSL: ClubLog OQRS (preferred), direct to VE7ACN, bureau


ClubLog:   YES, daily


LoTW:      YES, shortly after the expedition

Sint Martin,  FS/RW0CN     February 9 - 16, 2020

with possible day trip(s) to NA-199 Tintamarre island - FS/VE7ACN

Rental place is in Les Terres Basses, a well treed 2 1/2 acre (1 ha) property with good take off to all major destinations, but not on the beach. The same rig and antennas for FS/RW0CN as per KP4/AA7CH. The plan is to participate in ARRL DX CW contest as well. 

NA-199 Tintamarre Island is Nature Reserve, day trips are allowed but overnight stay requires a special permit. Due to overall fairly short stay on St. Martin it could be (or could not be) one or two day trips to NA-199.  Barefoot 100 W and Inverted V antennas for 17-20-30 m, battery power. 

Easter  Island,  CE0Y/VE7ACN

March 19-30, 2020. 

Honu Nui Cabanas in Hanga Roa  had been used by other expeditions to Easter Island, so there was no any issue to book the place again. A plenty of room for antennas, so Spiderbeam, verticals for 80-40-30 with the possibility to have 160 m Inverted L. Proven DXpedition K3 radio + Expert 1,3K-FA  (1300 W) power amplifier.


July-August-September 2019 IOTA expedition to NA-176, NA-125, NA-068 and NA-077 has been cancelled due to urgent gull bladder surgery scheduled on August 7, 2019.  That supposed to be a car tour started from Vancouver, BC on July 14, drive across Canada to get back on September 11. Places on NA-176, NA-125 and NA-077 were off-grid, so expedition equipment included 2 Honda EU-2000i generators and a bunch of other stuff normally not taken to airplanes. 

As of August 15, 2019 recovery after surgery is going fairly well, however, the doctor doesn't recommend any full-scale physical activity during 6-8weeks. Any HAM radio expedition falls under this definition

IOTA NA-091, VE7ACN/7,  Cortes Island, British Columbia

CISA BC-042,  GRID CO70mb   02.00 UTC   25.01.2019 - 10.00 UTC  29.01.2019

IOTA NA-081, VE7ACN/VE1,  Bell Island/LaHave  Islands, Nova Scotia 

CISA  NS-044, GRID FN74tf  --- 20.00 UTC   22.03.2019 - 05.00 UTC   28.03.2019

IOTA NA-127, VA7XW/VE1,  Long Island, Nova Scotia 

CISA  NS-007, GRID FN64ug --- 20.00 UTC   28.03.2019 - 05.00 UTC   04.04.2019

IOTA NA-014, VE7ACN/VE9,  White Head Island, New Brunswik

CISA  NB-010, GRID FN64pp --- 20.00 UTC   05.04.2019 - 05.00 UTC   11.04.2019

NA-042 AL3/AA7CH AND NA-157 NL6/AA7CH  2017

Some 4500 pictures from both islands are waiting for inspiration to sort them out and write stories. 

IOTA NA-042 Hinchibrook Island  page made before expedition is here. August 9-15, 2017.

IOTA NA-157 Kayak Island  page made before expedition is here. August 19-28, 2017.

NA-042 and NA-157 QSO summaries are  here


A nice plaques for my Alaska 2017 and  all time Canadian islands expeditions to decorate your shack can be ordered from  RW3DD for 44 USD or 39 EUR . Just e-mail him rw3dd@mail.ru.   No QSL necessary,  put all QSOs in e-mail. ClubLog  will be used to check up the contacts.  E-mailed QSL scans or LoTW screenshots will work equally well.

Alaska 2017. QSOs with 3 islands necessary:  KL7/VE7ACN, AL3/AA7CH, NL6/AA7CH

Canadian Islands.  Any 7 islands from here. Several QSOs with the same IOTA number are accepted.