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   NL6/AA7CH      IOTA NA-157            Kayak Island

   August  18-28, 2017                             Grid BO79qt

1. Expedition plan

This will be the second island in Alaska 2017 summer trip, NA-042  details  can be found here:

 On August 16 we will shop in Cordova for food and gas for generators. On August 17 we will board on larger vessel  and, if weather is good enough, head to Kayak Island. It should take four and a half hours to get there.  

Kayak Island is 20 miles (32 km) long and  generally  2 miles (3.2 km) wide. The only suitable place  to land  is Cape St. Elias on the southernmost seaward side.  There is lighthouse there, fully automated  in 1974. A complex of buildings formerly used by lightkeepers is now leased by St. Elias Lightkeepers Association from U.S. Coast Guard.  The Association restores and preserves this National Historic Landmark which was built in 1916. Sincere thanks to Toni Bocci, KL2XO who has arranged our  trip to Kayak Island. Otherwise we would have been unable get to the island which was last activated in 1997!


The island has no population, therefore, no Internet and no cell phone coverage.  

The only problem with Kayak island is topography which is not favoring Europe. Directions from 355 to 95 degrees are blocked by the mountain, so skewed, short path high take off angle or long path  propagation could be the chance to have NA-157 in the log. All other directions are fully open. 

If weather allows us to land on Kayak Island as scheduled the first QSO is expected around 04.00 UTC on August 18 (August 17 evening in Alaska). On the air until 04.00 UTC on August 28. Possibly until 16-17 UTC taking into account time necessary for the boat to come from Cordova to Kayak Island.  Weather can shorten the stay on the island as we have ferry reservation and can't miss it. Team, radios, antennas and power generators are the same as on previous island. Expedition log  should be uploaded to CLubLog on August 29 if we have Internet connection in Cordova.  We will stay 2 nights in Cordova waiting for the ferry to mainland. On August 30, early in the morning we will head to Whittier. 5 or 6 days later we should be back to Vancouver, BC. Uploads to LoTW for both NA-042 and NA-157 activations will be done shortly after.  

Kayak Island.  Expedition site can be seen on the picture. 

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