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Although I didn't specially ask for donations to support VA7XW/VE2 NA-038 and VE7ACN/VE2 NA-084 Spring 2018 IOTApeditions, I would like to thank each and everyone who already have made their generous contributions. QSLs for all QSOs in the logs will be mailed direct as soon as possible. No need to send your QSL direct or do ClubLog OQRS.


EU7A    JA1BPA    JA6FIO   JA7MGP   JA9GPG   JE7JIS    JG1UKW   JI3DST    PA3GBY   R0AZ    R1A-644  RA3TAR   RA9CMO  RA0FF     RN3RQ    RU3SD     RW3DD   RW5C RY6A    UA1OIW   UA3EDQ   UA0FO     UN7JX     UT3IW     UW5IM    UX2IQ      WC6DX

After the expedition once you are in the log and intend to have a card, ClubLog OQRS is the best option. Direct QSL request fee is set for $3.00, however any extra added as a donation will help to cover some (fairly small) portion of travel expenses.

August 2018 NA-042 and NA-157 expedition sponsors are here.

Last update 25.03.2018  23.46UTC

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