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KL7/VE7ACN, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, IOTA NA-041, Grid CO36oa

March 8 - 20, 2017

We will start from Vancouver, BC  on March 5.  The car will be loaded up to the roof with antennas and radios.  Some 1500 km/950 miles to drive to Prince Rupert.  Stay over night in motel in Prince George or Vanderhoof, depending on road conditions. Stay in motel/B&B in Prince Rupert. Ferry  to Ketchkan departs on March 7 at 6.30  am.  Ferry from Ketchikan to Hollis  at 3.30 pm, arrives to  Prince of Wales Island at 6.30  pm local time. Some 2 hours to drive to the place, that should be March 8, 04.30  GMT. The weather is expected to be quite unusual for the time, snow instead of rain and temperatures -10C/14F. I would be happy to set up vertical immediately and get on the air, but night, snow and low temperatures may not allow to do that. If happens I might be on the air for a few hours around  07.00  GMT  on the  8th of March. In the worst case scenario I should be on the air around 18-20 GMT on the 8th of March.

Location: Whale Point Cabins, Coffman Cove, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Team: Mike VE7ACN/RW0CN and his wife Natasha.


Main: K3 + SPE Expert 1,3K-FA,  MFJ998RT remote tuner;

Back up: FT1000MP,  KPA500,  MFJ994RT remote tuner.


CW most of the time and some SSB in the case of good propagation.


160 м - Inverted L, 21 м / 68 ft vertical aluminum plus 25 m /82 ft  1 мм / #18 cupper wire;

80 м - 2 full size verticals, driven element and passive reflector, to Europe;

40 м - 2 full size verticals, driven element and passive reflector, to Europe;

30 м - 2 х 2, two 2 element cells similar to 40/80 m spaced 0.7 wavelength, to Europe;

20 - 10 м - Spiderbeam on 10 m / 33 ft mast;

 K9AY  for receiveg on  160-80 м.

Antennas set up and tear down rough schedule:

March 8, 20 GMT - 10 m/ 33 ft vertical with autotuner for 40-30-20-17 m;

March 9, 22 GMT - Spiderbeam;

March 10, 23 GMT - 160/80 м single vertical, K9AY;

March 11, 23 GMT - 2 el  80 м;

March 12, 23 GMT - 2 el  40 м, 2 х 2  30 м, all antennas to be set up;

March 18, 23 GMT -  160/80 м antennas down;

March 19, 23 GMT - Spiderbeam, 30/40 м antennas down; single 10 m/ 33 ft vertical with autotuner for 40-30-20-17 m remains;

March 20, 05 - 06 GMT - QRT.

Bad weather may cause some delays, the absence of propagation which in not unusual for Alaska may speed up antennae installation.

Internet and cell phone coverage :

NO. Totally absent. The nearest WiFi spot is in the library some 1 km (3/4 mi) away. I will do my best to upload QSOs to ClubLog every 2-3 days.  No way to set a sked.

Time on the air:  

I will devote maximum of the time to  Europe on low bands, from sunset in Alaska to sunrise in Europe. Europe on 20-17 and possibly 15 m is approximately   16  to 20 GMT. North/South America should be good and do not require special attention. KL7 as DXCC is not in real demand, as IOTA NA-041 we should be good on HF after EU. The same applies to Far East/Asia/Japan, the focus will be just IOTA on HF, not low bands.  

In a case of good opening to Europe and good QSO rates, especially on low bands  I might ask "EU only", however, most of the time it will be "work anyone from anywhere" practice.


Some shifts in the time are possible, this is not a "full" DXpedition/IOTApedition, but just "one man and his wife (not a HAM at all)" adventure.

73, Mike  VE7ACN - RW0CN - AA7CH

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